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The Artist


I'm a  free bird that loves to create; one who finds inspiration on a whim.  This is how I discovered the love of wood crafting.  Woodland Treasures developed over a period of time, but started  when I was helping my son on a woodcraft project one day.  During the same period, a friend of our family's had introduced me to the drawknife, (a tool of old, that is used to shave wood) and instantly, I had this strange desire to make a spoon.   During that time, I developed a personal discovery in the joy of woodworking.   This passion has created an inspiration of ideas that has pointed me in the direction of making beautiful utensil pieces for the kitchen.  Why utensils?   I think beauty can be found anywhere, even in the kitchen.   When I was cooking with my cheap, unattractive wooden spoon one night, I thought about how I would love to have a more pleasant looking utensil.  I wanted beautiful utensils.  Now,  I have the pleasure to make and share these crafted pieces with others who appreciate them as much as I do.

        Always moving, I'm constantly thinking on how to create the best possible item I can make.  I design and create products right in my little workshop on our home property.  While I love creating the wood works, my husband helps in much of the  business aspect, fixes my broken tools, and  shares his muscles in the heavy lifting, as well as his insight.  He's so wonderful!  Also, not to mention, I have had all the help, advice and guidance that I gratefully take hold of from knowledgeable, caring friends and family, who have helped in guiding me along the way. 

The Product


  All of my utensil pieces are made with wood purchased from local lumber businesses in my area of southwest Florida, with the exception of gifted wood from family and friends.  Each item is thoughtfully crafted and made using a variety of tools, requiring patience, time and effort.   All of my items are finished  and sealed with a food-safe, Florida harvested beeswax and  mineral oil.  None of my products have stains, polyurethanes or any dangerous chemicals on them.   They are %100 natural and safe.  



God bless. 




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