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The Woodland Cook’s Set features a compilation of specially selected kitchen tools and gadgets for everyday cooking and baking. Handmade with quality and care, each piece is carefully sanded smooth for a charming and rustic finish. American made, this set is the perfect chef's gift or addition to your own kitchen. With everything you need for whipping up delicious meals, this Cook's Set is a must-have for any home cook.


Choose from three options:


Classic: Classic Cooking Spoon and Spatula


Special: Classic Cooking Spoon, Spatula, Basic Spoon (Short), Whisk, Scoop and Americana Spurtle (size medium)


Deluxe: Classic Cooking Spoon, Spatula, Basic Spoon (Short), Whisk, Scoop and Americana Spurtle (size medium), Chef Fork and Angled Saute Spatula


-Beeswax blend finish


-Handmade in Naples, Florida, from USA domestically sourced hardwoods. *Any woods used outside of the US will be noted.


-Please be aware that wood grain changes with each piece and will have some variations in color.



About the Product

Each item that is crafted at Woodland Treasures is carefully handmade from hardwoods domestically sourced in the USA using a method of sanding, carving, and shaping. The process includes 10 stages of sanding to ensure a top quality heirloom piece for treasured keeping either for use or display. Each item is not automated, but designed and crafted by hand, one work at a time.


Care Instructions

Each piece should be taken with care as wood is a natural source to be respected and appreciated. Due to the nature of the wood fibers and tissues, when exposed to heat, or water, the elements can change in the wood, and can cause it to warp, crack or change color if overworked. Therefore, the buyer's discretion for careful handling is advised. Please keep in thought that certain utensil designs with thin rims, edges, or handles are more delicate and should be treated gently.

-Make sure to avoid letting the utensil or board soak in water.

-Do not put it in the dishwasher.

-Use food safe sealant (beeswax blends, mineral oil, walnut oil, etc.) occasionally on dry wood to refresh the wood and help to keep it looking new.

Woodland Treasure Cooks Set

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